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Credit Card Terminals: Which type is best for you?

In business today, it’s becoming increasingly important that retailers such as yourself allow your customers the option to pay for their goods or services with a credit or debit card. But choosing the right type of terminal (or ‘PDQ machine’) for you and your business is also vital, and at Seymour Direct we offer our customers a range of machines in order to suit those individual needs. This range includes:

  • CounterTop,

  • Mobile GPRS,

  • Bluetooth Portable.

  • (All machines require a low cost merchant account to be set up and should you need further information
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  • Our preferred brand of PDQ machine is Ingenico, one of the world’s leading Payment Solutions Providers for the last 30 years, having supplied millions of units to more than 125 different countries. They use ‘chip and PIN’ technology to verify the identity of the cardholder, simply by matching the micro-chip within the card to the Personal Identification Number (PIN) that he or she must enter. If this is wrong then the transaction cannot be approved, thus ensuring a strong level of security against fraud.


Ingenico Countertop



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Ingenico Countertop Machine

The counter top is a static device that is usually found at the checkout of a store, enabling both Chip and PIN transactions and magnetic swipe cards as a backup should there be a problem with the customer’s card. It works through a direct connection to a telephone line or internet and permanent access to a power point is required.

The most popular PDQ machine among retailers, it can be used in all manner of business environments, from food markets to bookshops. As with every Ingenico terminal, the device is fully ‘PCI bank compliant’, which means it meets the universal standard of security against fraudulent transactions that has been set by the Payment Card Industry. The machine itself is compact enough to fit on any counter or desk, measuring at exactly 79 x 180 x 65mm.

Once your terminal is delivered, Seymour Direct will be at hand to help with any additional queries regarding either your machine or your merchant account.



                    Mobile PDQ Machine



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Ingenico Bluetooth Portable



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Mobile PDQ Machine


As opposed to the countertop, the GPRS can be used almost anywhere, working just like a mobile phone. The terminal uses a SIM card to connect to a well-known network provider such as Vodafone or Orange (subject of course to the network signal in your location) in order to ‘contact’ the bank when making a transaction request.


This type of machine is extremely useful for merchants on the road, including taxi drivers, outdoor caterers and emergency plumbers, and it need only be recharged every so often via a charging cradle connected to a power point. The PCI compliant device is very much ergonomically fit for purpose, weighing at less than 480g and comfortable to hold during a transaction.


As always, when the terminal is delivered it is ready to be used the same day and Seymour Direct will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have when first using your machine.










Ingenico Bluetooth Portable



This terminal is delivered with a Bluetooth communication and charging cradle; it works as a portable device, but unlike the GPRS it must be within range of the cradle to authorise a transaction. The station can be connected via an Ethernet cable to the internet or directly into a telephone line, but again it must be allowed permanent access to a power point.

Restaurateurs are the most common users of this type of PDQ machine, allowing customers to pay for their meals while at their tables. It measures 180 x 79 x 57mm, weighing in at about 400g, making it even easier to process your payments.

Remember, Seymour Direct is here to answer any of your questions. Our team at customer services is dedicated to helping you, so if you have any queries regarding this or another type of terminal please do not hesitate to call on: 0800 980 4007.


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